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Jernej Bervar, Guitarist
Tina je vrhunska umetnica, z neverjetnim glasbenim izrazom in virtuozno tehniko. Predana je glasbeni tradiciji, hkrati se pa zaveda pomembnosti raziskovanja glasbe in njene prihodnosti. Popoln glasbenik v vseh pogledih.


Barja Drnovšek, Violinist
I really like playing with Tina – whether it is sharing the stand in the symphony orchestra, busking on the street, or playing late night concerts in the living room of our hosts…

Costanza Alegiani, Vocalist, composer, etc.
I met Tina during a working period spent in Bruxelles. We shared our common passion for music and Improvisation, and we spent most of our time together by playing, listening to each other and talking about life, music, our own countries, future. Tina is a brilliant musician, and her involvement and commitment in music and in life is total.

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